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Basic Keelboat Course

$1,395.00 $1,046.25

Save An Additional $100 for Weeklong Courses, Contact Us for Details.
Our Basic Keelboat certification package is a comprehensive lifetime preparation course that is a place for participants to learn how to sail. It is designed both for students who have no sailing experience and for those who have experience but want to be sure they learn to sail the right way, from the ground up. You will be at the helm – learning to sail – on the morning of your first class and in command of the boat through all of the fundamental maneuvers by the next afternoon.


Basic Keelboat Certification

Students per Boat

Three maximum



Course Formats

Four-day option
Two full weekends of your choice.
9 am – 4 pm each day
Five-day option
Five weekdays (Mon – Fri)
9 am – 4 pm each day

Seminars Included

Navigation I
Seamanship I


None! Perfect for beginners. Even people with experience start here to learn sailing.

Using a “tiller-steered” boat is important to your education

We choose to use tiller steered boats for both Basic Keelboat and Basic Cruising courses because it is the best way to become a well-rounded sailor. Our commitment is to teach sailing in the best way to assure our students develop the confidence and confidence to handle any yacht. Traditionally sailors have always started learning to steer with a tiller before moving on to learning wheel steering on larger boats. A tiller gives a sailor instant feedback with every movement of the rudder. Learning to feel and read the force at play on a boat as it moves through the water is much easier with a tiller due to instant feedback. Steering properly and keeping the boat in balance and trim becomes a natural instinct that once learned is never forgotten. Moving on to wheel steering boats is very easy, but the accomplished sailor will still feel comfortable aboard anything from a sailing dingy or a tender with an outboard engine to a large racing yacht with a tiller or a wheel.

With an emphasis on practical training and experience learning to sail, you will learn all the essentials of sailing quickly and more thoroughly than you thought possible. While you learn about sailing using practical training, you will enjoy several short classroom sessions sprinkled throughout the course.

Successful completion prepares you to:

  • Skipper 18′ – 27′ boats in protected waters with light to moderate conditions.
  • Learn how to sail and crew on similar-sized yachts in open water and more challenging conditions, like San Francisco Bay.
  • Qualify for OCSC\’s Basic Cruising course.

Good to know:

  • Our three-to-one student-to-instructor ratio provides you with the smallest class size in the country and offers you an amazing opportunity to learn to sail the right way.
  • Our guarantee provides you with as many additional three-hour coaching sessions as you need to fully demonstrate your Basic Keelboat skills dependably.
  • If you\’re taking the weekend format, the two weekends don\’t have to be consecutive, however if it is possible, we suggest taking them as close together as possible. Practice makes perfect when learning sailing!

This course prepares you to take the following courses: Basic CruisingNight Sailing CourseOCSC Seminars.

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